Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sounds Of The Summerisle

I am going to be playing some of my favourite Soundtracks for a night at the Broadway.
Its to tie in with Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson has got a great taste and his soundtracks become there own character in his films. A nice collage of 60's pop and Mark Mothersbaugh score. I love the build up on his "Hey Jude" cover for The Royal Tenenbaums where Richie releases Mordeci on the roof.
I love soundtracks which are written by one artist so there is a real mood carried through the film. I also love soundtracks that tell a story and are one step away from being a musical as the characters are singing the songs.
I had to do an interview to promote the night.
One of the questions was "Whats your favourite soundtrack of all time?"
That's such a hard question to answer.
I said the Wicker Man by Paul  Giovani but to be honest I had a list of around 30 to choose from.
Here are six that have a special place in my heart.

The Wicker Man - Paul Giovani

Weird and wonderful collection of traditional folk songs and Giovani compositions.
The music IS the film, Its so important.
How the hell did this all come together? I want to be at that meeting when they decided to bring the songs into the narrative, We're still making a horror right?
I love the closing song "Summer Is A Coming In", its oddly uplifting and joyous with its military pomp of the brass and bass drum, some tracks have such beauty such as "Willows song".  The randomness of "The Landlords Daughter" is great, I love the delivery of line "The parts of every gentlemen do stand up at attention".
The best track has got to be The Maypole Song though, absolutely bonkers choral work, Pagan pop perfection.

The Wicker Man - Maypole Song

O Lucky Man - Alan Price

"If you have a reason to live on and not to die you are a lucky man".

A soundtrack to live by, written by poor people for poor people. Alan Price plays the part of Greek Chorus to Lindsey Anderson's masterpiece singing honest songs of misery that is reminiscent of Brecht.
I love how a lot of the scenes with Alan in are just in a practise room filled with smoke with Lindsey Anderson looking bored in the corner.
The best track has go to be "My Home Town"...Heart breaking.

Alan Price - My Home Town

Harold and Maude - Cat Stevens

This soundtrack is obviously a massive influence on Wes Anderson.
Its such a lovely collection of songs that nearly push this film into musical territory.
Its actually a kind of greatest hits of Cat Stevens as he only wrote two songs for the film.
The soundtrack was never released at the time, Cameron Crowe pressed it on vinyl a few years ago and it goes for insane prices on Ebay...Its my dream to own it one day.
Uplifting and melancholic. Just like the film. Just listening to it gives me shivers.

Cat Stevens - I Think I See The Light

Profondo Rosso - Goblin

Superb Italian prog from one of the greatest soundtrack scorers.
Its difficult to choose just one Goblin soundtrack but I think this just pips it with the amazing jazzy title track. I love Claudio Simonetti's crazy synth sounds and the ridiculous slabs of bass.
They bring something very special to Dario's films and I'm not sure how his films would work without them. Its a very Hitchcock and Herman relationship.

Goblin - Profondo Rosso

Mishima - Philip Glass

What a beauty!
Simply gorgeous work from Mr Glass, its a theme you have heard a thousand times in adverts and other films. The music packs such a punch in the film and combines with Paul Schraders direction perfectly.
Its a mixture electronic synths and string quartet. I love the delicate nature that swells in mood.

Philip Glass - Mishima (Opening Theme)

Assault On Precinct 13 - John Carpenter

I love all of John Carpenters soundtrack work, even his vocal performance on Big Trouble In Little China.
He has such a simple style, he has said that the Halloween theme is just a piano warm up exercise that his father taught him. His synths are amazing sinister and emotive, I love that analogue sound.
I have chosen the theme from Assault On Precinct 13 as its had such a massive impact on modern music.

John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13 (Theme) 

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