Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Neglected Blog!

Dear Blog,I 'm sorry, I just haven't had time for you.
I've been busy and I feel like I have let you down.
Its not you its me, I do still want to spend time with you.
Here goes....

The Keep - Michael Mann 

Tomorrow night we screen a rare 35mm print of The Keep. We were asked by the Broadway Cinema to show something as part of the Nottingham's Light Night celebrations. This was the first film that popped into our heads. It uses light and shadow in such a stunning way and is probably best described as a Gothic, Disco, Horror. We are especially proud as this is the first non digital screening we have had. Its a big moment for us. There are still a few tickets left if you can make it?
We will also be playing a set of German rock classics to complement the Tangerine soundtrack with our POWERKRAUT DISKO.
There will be some great lights inspired by The Keep and some amazing projections from the genius that is Noel Murphy.
Our program to accompany the film feature an essay by special effects wizard and life long The Keep obsessive Stephane Piter and a piece by rock legend and all round mega dude Julian Cope about Tangerine Dream!


Coming next we have a new night and creative partnership with our Nottingham brothers in arms
Mayhem and Kneel Before Zod.

Cinema Diabolique -Will bring you alternative screenings of cult classics, new releases and film fun throughout the year. Really looking forward to the films we have planned for this year, we have BIG plans. Our launch night will be March 22nd and we kick things off with a special FREE screening of Paul Verhoeven's classic Robocop. 
Come down and learn all about what is in store for 2013. 

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