Monday, 22 August 2011

Wants List.

There are 3 films I really want to see.
All 3 all unavailable in the UK and 1 of those seems to have vanished off the face of the earth.
There is a very strong possibility that these films are terrible.

Hu-Man (1975)

I can't find a trailer or any images apart from the 2 I have added here.
After Mark Cousins took over Moviedrome from Alex Cox, he had a short series where interviewed different actors and directors. The week he interviewed Terence Stamp he showed clips from a film called Hu-Man which I think is French(?),its Sci-fi and looked incredible.
There was a fantastic shot of Terence in front of an active Volcano...I have to see this film even though it may be terrible.

The Last Wave (1977)

Peter Weir and lots of water...Thats all I know about this film and its one I have really struggled to get a copy of. I know that there is a Criterion DVD but its pretty expensive and I am worried that it may be rubbish.

Sorcerer (1977)

The film I need to see the most...I just can't track it down. I know there is a US DVD but I have read that the print is pretty bad. I am a massive Wages Of Fear fan and that first pricked my interest in the movie, Team that with Roy Scheider and William Friedkin and add a Tangerine Dream soundtrack and I have got to see this film.
Again it may be very bad.

I have wanted to see these films for so long now that I guess I can only be disappointed.
If you have seen any of them let me know how bad they are, I need to move on.
And why haven't WB released a blu ray print of Performance...In fact I want a Roeg/Cammell boxset.
In blu ray.

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