Thursday, 1 September 2011

2011: A Film Odyssey.

Wow. This has got me very excited, it doesn't take much but wow.
Mark Cousins Presents The Story Of Film: An Odyssey
A 15 hour film charting the history of cinema.
Its on More4 (sorry to any one outside of the UK) and starts on Saturday 3rd at 21:15.
It looks superb and I can't believe how hidden More4 have kept this. There are only 205 views of the trailer on You Tube!
I know that some people give Mark Cousins stick for following Alex Cox in Moviedrome but he always came across as someone who was very passionate about cinema.

According to More4:

The first episode in Mark Cousins' epic history of cinema reveals how this art form was born.

Filmed in the buildings where the first movies were made, it shows that ideas and passion have always driven film, more than money and marketing.

The programme reveals the story of the very first movie stars, close-ups and special effects, and travels to Hollywood to show how it became a myth.

The story is full of surprises - such as the fact that the greatest and best-paid writers in these early years were women - and celebrates the glamour of the great movie cathedrals.

Not sure what follows but it looks like there is some great stuff in the trailer...So thats the next 15 saturday nights in front on the TV then...Oh well.

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