Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Drunk Critic- Guilty Pleasures 2

Batman And Robin (1997)

I write drunk notes on my phone all the time.
I have just come across 2 notes, 1 that is good and I will make into a future post called Bad Science the other is a drunk review of Batman And Robin which I vaguely remember watching a few months ago.
I can remember it hurt to watch but I also enjoyed it...Sadly I also remember going to see this film twice at the cinema.
I also went to see Event Horizon Twice around the same time!
Anyway there is no point me writing a proper review as this short incoherent mess pretty much sums it up.

Also I haven't changed any of this (apart from the spelling) and it contains a very sad drunken truth. See if you can spot it.

Dean Martin Is Batman
Deranged Logic
Every Line is a pun
Comic Book
90's Mess
If a 4 year old drew a picture of Batman
I Can't talk to my family

I think I might write some more drunken reviews, maybe you could find out a bit more about my life with every review?

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