Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Federico Mancosu - Suspiria - The Boyfriend and Film Kunst Bar.

I have written about Federico Mancosu before but while researching Suspiria which will be our next Kino Klubb screening (16th Feb) I came across this wonderful poster. I love the minimalism of his work and how he doesn't always use an obvious image for his posters. But anyone familiar with the film will know instantly what its from.

Here is more of his work, I recomend that you visit his site here.

Great stuff.

Just got back from Berlin and was very tempted by this poster of The Boyfriend which I found in a Polish film posters shop...The €280 price tag put me off a bit though.

I shall write about The Boyfriend soon as I have fallen in love with it, Managed to get hold of a 16:9 print from the US as the naughty BBC showed a cropped version!

Also if you find yourself in Berlin I can highly recommend a trip to Film Kunst Bar a wonderful bar that has 10,000 DVDs, wonderful beer, bunk beds, a secret toilet, a Der Wolpertinger and very informed staff. The Chap I talked to highly recommended a film I haven't heard called Little Fugitive. Wonderful place...Find it here.

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