Monday, 28 February 2011

When We Were Young: Part 2 SCOTT VS SCOTT

Great Scott or Not So Great Scott?

Worried about Sir Scott's Prometheus? Is it an Alien prequel?
"This Is Not An Alien Prequel" Ridley has revealed...Its confusing, its also 3-D.
Worrying...There is only one scientific way to find out the truth of how disappointing the new film (will) may be.

Young Scott VS Old Scott

Young Scott:

1:Alien (1979)
2:Blade Runner (1982)
3:Legend (1985)

Old Scott:

1:Kingdom Of Heaven (2005)
2:Hannibal (2001)
3:A Good Year (2006)

Mmmmm...When was the last great Scott film? Black Rain? (1989) I really like but its not a masterpiece, if I'm honest it may be Blade Runner. I still get shivers when I think about Hannibal, a truly terrible film.


Young Scott.

Exception to the rule: Prometheus?  (2012) (The whole world crosses their fingers)

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