Thursday, 6 October 2011

The End Of The World.

I love Lars Von Trier.
I think he is one of the most important and interesting directors we have.
I really hated Melancholia.
Lets move on...His next film will be a masterpiece.

Still have a big crush on Drive.
I really am split over buying the Jacket from the film.

Just can't see myself getting a way with it, especially in Nottingham. Its an expensive Halloween costume at $160 also.
Its one step away from dressing like a Storm Trooper at Comic Con.

The Mark Cousins Story Of Cinema series has been excellent and has made my brain swell with knowledge. If you are quick you can pick up a copy of the book to accompany the series at Fopp for £3! Amazing.

Also watched a great documentary about the BBFC on BBC4.
They showed some footage from The Devils that I had never seen before. What a film .
I hope we get a chance to do a Devils themed night for Kino Klubb, it might get a bit depraved though.

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