Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Horror...part 2: The Bloody Revenge.

Long Live The New Flesh.

Martyrs (2008)
I don’t like “torture porn” as a genre it’s not my bag.
I was worried that this film would be torture porn and it pretty much seemed that way until it came to a reveal that made this film transcend the torture and become a spiritual masterpiece of horror.
Its got a lot to say and has a unique voice. Pascal Laugier was due to follow this film with a Hellraiser remake after watching this you will understand why he got offered the job.
Watch it you may be surprised...And sickened...And shocked.

Note no trailer...It was too intense!

Slither (2006)
This film could have easily gone into the pile of not scary but great fun horror films, its directed by James Gunn who started off with Troma and then wrote the great Dawn Of The Dead remake. It features some of the most revolting images of body horror I have seen in a US film and makes me feel a bit sicky when I think of it. It pays homage to many great Sci-fi horror films and you can tell that James Gunn is a real fanboy.
It has no rules and you really don’t know who is going to survive. Its funny and sick in equal measures. And its got Nathan Fillion in it too.

Rabid (1977)
I could have chosen many of Cronenbergs films for this list.
Videodrome,Shivers,Scanners,The Fly but this one got to me the most.
And gives me that same anxious feeling when I think about it. No one does a body horror film quite as well as Cronenberg (Well maybe Shin’ya Tsukamoto with Tetsuo: Iron Man) he always finds new ways for humans to progress and to shock his audience. The one bit I can’t watch is the infected Surgeon cutting off a nurses finger to drink the blood during an operation. Grusome.

This trailer is amazing/awful.

The Beyond (1981)
I have a confession, I really struggle with a lot of Lucio Fulcis horror films.
He is a bit too exploitive and unnessecarally gross for me.
I can always picture film directing his films with drool pouring from his mouth.
Maybe I shouldn’t have watched Cat In The Brain?
How can I say this and put The Beyond in this list?
I think its more stylish than House By The Cemetry and Zombie Flesh Eaters (which is oddly absent from this list) it looks fantastic and its worth for the final image of hell. To get to that point you have to sit through 87 mins of depravity and insania. And how awesome is David Warbeck?


Excorcist (1973)
The greatest horror film ever made?
Its horror done with clinical prescion from 2 masters, William Friedkin and William Peter Blatty. The first time I watched it on a dodgy pirate I knew I had seen something completely different and it effected so much that I couldn’t speak for a while after. The same thing happened after I saw Reqiem For A Dream which made me feel like I had been punched in the stomach repeatedly. The film looks cold and grim, the acting is natural and superb. It has a real documentary feel about it. I love Max Von Sydow, Linda Blaire and Ellen Burnsteyne but the film would be nothing with out Jason Millers superb performance. A fantastic script too, which is so quotable. I may band the term masterpiece around too freely but I don’t think anyone has truly made a horror film to match this. Scaryest bit? I think its Father Karras’s dream sequence.
If you want to find out what became of the Astronaught who Regan told that he would die alone up there in space I suggest you watch “The Nineth Configuration” which is one of cinemas finest moments.
“Can you spare change for an old alter boy?”

More Miller love here.

Another 5 tomorrow.

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